Strategic Business

In 2008 SysOne provided the Automated Border Control e-Gate system for the first time at Incheon International Airport and up to 200 units of e-Gates are installed over the airports and other border posts across the country and it has effected Inchoen International Airport to win 1st place in the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Award for 12 consecutive years.

With continuous investment in research and development on the solution and service in the sector, SysOne grew as the only company with the whole immigration and airport solution provider including, e-Gate, facial recognition access control and etc.

In 2017, SysOne successfully launched facial recognition gate system for 4 major government complexes in Korea which enhanced security level and stabilization. Recently, SysOne was awarded for passenger check-in system for Incheon International Airport which is the main service of an airport. As shown in the project portfolio, SysOne challenges to become a pioneer of the IT business related to its capability. SysOne entered into business such as sound signal system, CCTV, and other smart city business based on IoT technology as well.

  • Airport & Border Control

    Providing fast and stable immigration services with world class immigration system for Airports, ports, and boarder posts.

  • Gate & Access Control

    Provide safe and easy-to-use access control solution using various types of biometrics data.

  • Smart Solution

    Connecting people with the environment in a smart way to provide efficient smart system.