NetApp All Flash Storage

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    All Flash FAS is an integrated architecture that simultaneously supports SAN and NAS in one OS, and supports scale-up to raise the controller of the storage to a higher model and scale-out to horizontally increase the controller and storage capacity.

    • Integrated workload
    • Unified architecture
    • Storage virtualization
    • Scale-UP/Scale-Out


  • NetApp StorageFlash Cache

    • For improved performance and optimization, Flash Cache is installed in the latest FAS model free of charge.
    • Based on the latest technology, NVMe

  • Simplify and modernize data center with AFF

    • 20 times faster response time and 12 times higher IOPS than conventional HDD system

  • Innovative changes in data center economics

    Flash fundamentally changes the data center economy

    • Shrink multiple racks to 4U system with controller and SSD
    • 11 times less power consumption