NetApp HCI

  • 제품개요

    The HCI solution solves the inconvenience of customers due to the rapid performance expansion as the workload increases, the difficulty of analyzing the cause of the failure due to the complex infrastructure, and the separate operation of each component of the infrastructure, it can be operated quickly and reliably.

    • Flexible infrastructure
    • Shelf-Healing
    • All-in-one infrastructure
    • Perfect security


  • NetApp HCI in Data Fabric Environment

    • Free use of data between On Premises and the cloud

  • Protection and optimization of existing investments

    Independent scaling of compute and storage nodes

    • Protection and optimization of existing investments
    • Independent expansion of Compute and Storage nodes
    • Remove HCI Tax

  • Day 1+: Easy management

    Managed directly from the hypervisor

    • Integrated management with VMware vCenter
    • Volume provisioning, QoS setting, and event monitoring through vCenter without separate storage management tools
    • More than 95% of management tasks required in a virtualized environment are performed through vCenter