• AI Music Composition Service (AI Music Teacher)

    MuAI is an AI service platform that helps people who are not music experts to make music easier.
    MuAI is based on Deep Learning-based photo analysis, sentence analysis, and time-series Data Generation technology, so anyone can easily create and utilize music.

How To Use

  • Instruction #1

    On a PC, go to www.muai.me and sign up for a member with an SNS account.
    (For Android and iOS, you can download the app by searching “MuAI” or “Artificial Intelligence Composition” in the app store)

  • Instruction #2

    Upload a photo you want to make into music, enter the contents of the photo and click the AI analyzer button.

  • Instruction #3

    Artificial intelligence analyzes photos and suggests music that suits them. If you want to make different types of music, choose different mood. Please click the post creation button.

  • Instruction #4

    Enjoy the music created by AI MuAI.

  • Instruction #5

    Press the Edit Melody button to launch the music editor.
    Edit the music created by AI MuAI with your own music.

Enjoy Music Created by MuAI


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