• Product Overview

    AiWACS is an AI based performance analysis system for server, network IT infrastructure, providing user experience/behavior performance, application performance data and event prediction features are provided for effective IT infrastructure operation.

Product Feature

  • 1st Grade in Good Software Certificate

    - Obtained "GS 1st Grade" for providing features such as server and network IT infrastructure monitoring, application process monitoring, session tracking, etc.
    - Registration on Public Procurement Marketplace

  • Real-Time Event Dashboard

    - Dashboard for real-time monitoring in Grid/Bar-Chart format is provided to monitor the whole system or specific filtered area of the system

  • Status by Perspective

    - Provide monitoring dashboard by perspective feature is provided such as monitoring as whole, business group, device group, device OS, and Service status for effective monitoring.

  • Event alarm/History Record with E-Mail/SMS Alert Function

    - Real-time fault notifications based on registered criteria with screen/email/SMS alert
    - Recording and managing the history of faults

  • Equipment Listing

    - Provides detailed information for all devices in a list format
    - Allows comprehensive understanding of the overall status of all devices and specific device details through various sorting options such as usage and fault status

  • Detailed Real-Time Monitoring

    Provide equipment description, availability, service, network interface, CPU / MEM / Disk trend, process detailed information, and fault history management view through detailed monitoring inquiry screen for specific equipment

  • Device Sensor Monitoring

    Device sensor monitoring such as hardware power supply, fan, temperature status monitoring

  • Process Detailed Monitoring

    Possible to monitor the entire process, CPU, memory, and I/O for the target equipment to view the process details, and compare the process details by specifying a comparison target.

  • Network SNMPv3 Collection

    Advanced monitoring feature is provided supported by network device monitoring SNMPv3

  • Windows Event Alarm Feature

    Provide alarm function for events that are generated by Windows Server

  • Data Collection based on Server Agent and Network SNMP

    - Secure SSL communication agent
    - Cloud-acquired collection data proxy path
    - C / C ++-based high-performance collection server
    - Memory DB for real-time data service
    - Web-based GUI

  • Proxy and Direct Data Formation

    When collecting data with Cloud and IDC, if the external firewall policy of the customer only allows a single session / IP and the number of collection nodes is large