NetApp Cloud Service

  • Business Overview

    NetApp Cloud Data Services Public Cloud's consumable services and subscriptions enable you to deliver critical business performance quickly and cost-effectively, eliminating IT processes and complexity.

    • Data control and security in the cloud
    • Cloud-based file service optimization
    • DevOps workload scaling
    • Streamline cloud analytics use
    • Minimize database migration complexity


  • Manage Your Cloud, Your Way

    • NetApp believes that partnership promotes innovation. That's why we are working closely with AWS to deliver a gradual portfolio of cloud services based on customer feedback. NetApp, a hybrid cloud's data rights, is working to make it easier to move, deploy and manage business-critical data and applications with minimal changes, fewer resources, and lower risk.

  • Approach the Cloud on Your Own Terms

    • NetApp helps users achieve their own organizational goals. While strengthening our relationship with Google Cloud, we have been constantly striving to envision and create the best cloud toolkit that can professionally manage your data and applications. NetApp and Google Cloud are helping customers leverage the power of data through strategic alliances that provide self-service data services integrated into Google Cloud.

  • Manage Your Cloud, Your Way

    • At NetApp, we want to give users permission to access the cloud on their own. So, we hardwired NetApp technology into the Microsoft Azure cloud, allowing users to meet and exceed their organization's goals while addressing cloud requirements. Products like Azure NetApp files, Cloud Volumes for Azure ONTAP and Cloud Insights have created our own services that simplify business critical application deployment, DevOps, analytics and disaster recovery.

      Azure NetApp files are native to Microsoft Azure, so you can expect Microsoft's world-class support