Skyhigh Security

  • Skyhigh Security

    With analytics, cloud security, SIEM, and machine learning, Skyhigh Security can simultaneously protect, detect and modify from device to cloud. Skyhigh Security's endpoint protection, cloud access security broker (CASB), and Skyhigh Security ePolicy Orchestrator products are integrated to provide integrated protection throughout the entire threat protection service delivery period.

    • Skyhigh Security Service Edge (SSE) provides enterprises with comprehensive data and threat protection by bringing together its flagship secure web gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and endpoint data loss prevention (DLP) offerings into a single integrated solution. The solution offered by Skyhigh Security features unified data classification and incident management across the network, sanctioned and unsanctioned (Shadow IT) cloud applications, web traffic, and endpoints, thereby covering multiple key exfiltration vectors.

  • Skyhigh Security SWG (Secure Web Gateway)

    • Block threat sites, prevent external threats, and control shadow IT to block access to risky sites.

  • Skyhigh Security CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker)

    • Provides access control and cloud DLP capabilities for SaaS services purchased and used by companies.

  • Skyhigh Security ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access)

    • Provides detailed access control and DLP capabilities to customers' own services built on the internal network.

  • Skyhigh Security DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

    • Provides the same DLP functionality for all UCE functions such as SWG, CASB, and ZTNA.

  • Skyhigh Security RBI (Remote Browser Isolation)

    • Provides limited streaming access to SWG, ZTNA's risks and classified sites.

  • Skyhigh Security CNAPP (Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform)

    • Provides infrastructure monitoring and protection through vulnerability checks, file integrity checks, and CSPM for customer applications operating in AWS, AZURE, and GCP.