Spot by NetApp

  • Introduction to Spot by NetApp

    Going beyond cloud analytics and recommendations, Spot by NetApp automates and optimizes your cloud infrastructure in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud to deliver SLA-backed availability and performance at the lowest possible cost.

    • Spot's portfolio of products helps businesses optimize and automate their use of the cloud, maximizing the value and availability of their cloud infrastructure while minimizing waste. With actionable visibility and insight, Spot continuously and automatically improves efficiency in real time.

Spot by NetApp feature


Minimize Cost

  • Cost effective, reducing cloud computing costs by 70% on average
  • Reduce costs by providing customize cloud infrastructure


  • Optimize the cloud for your business by automatically provisioning compute infrastructure across a whole range of automation, instance types, sizes, and pricing models.


  • Empowering, giving teams the agility they need to manage their cloud spend, and giving them the freedom to focus on their most strategic initiatives.

  • Cloud Optimization

    • The Optimization page shows key areas in your accounts where you can achieve significant optimizations and provides actionable recommendations that you can start implementing with the click of a button.

  • Spend Analysis

    • The Spend Analysis chart and table provide a breakdown of your organization's costs. These tools help you govern your organizational, account, departmental or project costs by providing a detailed view of the historical and current costs.

  • Potential Savings

    • Spot analyzes the instances you have in your cloud provider account and provides estimates of amounts you could save by using Spot to manage your workloads and commitments. Analyses are presented for containers, elastic applications, commitments, and resource groups.