MBDAS(Multimodal Biometrics Data Acquisition System)

  • Product Overview

    MBDAS acquires biometric information by automatically tracking and detecting the user's face and iris location using an optimized face and iris detection algorithm, and uses (2) fingerprint scanners to obtain high-quality fingerprint information from fingers under various conditions and it also provides features to detect whether it is a fake fingerprint.

    • Desktop type biometrics information acquisition and enrollment device
    • High quality device which enables to collect face and fingerprint data simultaneously
    • Face and fingerprint matching algorithms are applied to extract and match the biometrics data fast and accurate

Product Features

  • Acquire Facial Information

    • Auto Detection (Automatic Face Detection: 0cm-30cm vertical movement)
    • Auto Focus
    • Full HD 1080 Support
    • High-brightness LED lighting (left / right)

  • Acquire Iris Information

    • ISO 19794-6 Standard Iris information acquisition
    • Automated tilting feature
    • Not interference by eyeglasses and/or contact lenses

  • Acquire Fingerprint Information

    • Able to acquire (2) fingerprints simultaneously
    • High quality image can be acquired from dry/wet fingerprints
    • Detect and determine fake fingerprint