Sentry ABC e-Gate

  • Product Overview

    SysOne’s ABC e-Gate system is deployed at 1st and 2nd terminal of Incheon International Airport and other major airports around the nation. It has helped decrease que time for immigration inspection for passengers to be inspected only in around 12 seconds. Also, using biometrics data such as fingerprint and face to identify passenger has helped to realize much safer immigration environment.

    • Identify passports of passengers and RF card of crew members
    • Identify passengers’ fingerprint
    • Identify passengers’ face
    • Identify specifier by connecting with third party organizations such as Interpol
    • Detect luggage left within the gate
    • Problem notification
    • Detect multiple passenger using gate

Product Features


Fast Immigration Process

  • Reduced Que Time: 10min->12second
  • Fast and accurate inspection

Modernized Immigration Management

  • Won 1st place in Airport Service Quality Award for 12 consecutive years (2005-2017)
  • Won UN Public Administrative Innovation Award (2007)

Efficient Boarder Management

  • Efficient way to collect passenger information data
  • Discover issues ahead
  • Enhance border security

Product Function

  • Sentry GCU(Gate Control Unit)

    • Special gate control board with embedded OS to utilize all applications for Sentry ABC e-Gate.

  • Biometrics Recognition Technology

    • SysOne provides biometrics recognition algorithm with high recognition rate and dedicated software to manage biometrics information while matching the biometrics data. SysOne’s biometrics technology is adoptable for immigration, access control, financial and other related industries.

  • S-Middleware

    • S-Middleware enables stable operation of e-Gate system while interfacing with existing immigration system including various hardware and software.